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Strong vs. Weak Players in Poker Tournaments

Anyone with enough money can participate in a poker tournament, regardless of their ability to play the game. Experienced players can attest that while new players present easy money in some situations, they can be frustrating in others.

Benefits of Playing Against Inexperienced Players

Experienced poker players have a multitude of tricks up their sleeves, including when to hold their hands and when to fold their cards. While they can usually read tells fairly well, this is of no use in online tournaments. So, in this situation, experienced players can hope to win more money based upon the inexperience of their opponents. Chances are, these players will come out ahead by taking over their opponents with aggressive gameplay.

The Downfalls

While there are benefits to be had when playing inexperienced opponents, there are still some serious downfalls to consider. New players usually refuse to play aggressively and will therefore fold when the stakes become too high. They tend to hold onto their money tighter, only letting go when Lady Luck deals them a decent hand that they can work with. For this reason, experienced players should never assume that they will squash their inexperienced competition.

The Best Bet

The best thing that any experienced poker player can do is play games in which everyone's skills are equally met and everyone has a relatively similar bankroll. This makes the competition more exciting as one player is not constantly losing to another or refusing to participate in aggressive actions, even when their hands can back them up. The loss of this excitement can make gameplay dull and boring for experienced poker players.

Never assume that inexperienced poker players will be easy opponents as this is likely never true. Sheer luck can always take their side and leave even the best poker players drowning in debt.