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Poker is not as Popular as Many People Believe

Poker players are a rare breed who often dedicate at least one night per week to showcasing their skills in a casino or at home against their friends. These players often look down on those who prefer other casino games, though poker is slowly losing ground with many.

Poker vs. Casino Games

Poker players choose the game because they feel as if other casino games are simply a waste of time. This is true to a certain extent, as every casino game has a positive house edge that almost guarantees a player will lose money to the house after an extended period of time. Though poker requires some skill, nine out of ten players will lose; this is a fact that very few poker players are willing to admit they are aware of.

Luck vs. Skill

Players who claim to be poker aficionados are those who do not believe that Lady Luck has any hand in the game at all. This is simply not true, as players cannot do anything to change the cards they are dealt without cheating. Even so, players feel that they can use their knowledge and basic poker strategies to overcome these pitfalls and win out over their opponents. Sometimes, this is true; other times, players must simply play the cards they are dealt.

Increasing Popularity of Other Games

Though the other games in the casino do not provide a better advantage to players over poker, they are generally mindless and simply fun to play. There is little if any strategy required when playing roulette, craps or slot machines, so players will naturally flock to these in the hopes of winning big. This is the way casino games should be viewed, fortunately. Those who make playing poker a profession are likely to be let down somewhere along the way.

Though poker will likely always remain popular and new variants make their way onto the scene on a regular basis, there will always be those players who choose other games, instead. Excitement is likely one factor, though there is no better chance of winning at poker than any other casino game.