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Lowering Risks in Poker Tournaments

Players do not always have to place huge bets in order to win big when it comes to poker tournaments. Learning how to minimize final 'river' bets and how to stay away from getting caught in the re-raise spiral can help players minimize risk and still come out on top.

When to Raise

In most situations, a player who raises is attempting to do one of two things. First that player may be indicating that they believe their hand is better than anyone else's hand at the table. Second, the player may want to try to 'force' other players to fold with a false raise; in other words, the player may be bluffing. Raising and forcing folds are two techniques that can be risky, but when used correctly, they are definitely powerful tools.

Re-Raising Circles

Raising and re-raising can certainly become frustrating, but this scenario is likely if two or more players are confident in their hands. In all likelihood, the majority of players will fold in this situation as the amount of money that is changing hands grows exponentially. The amount a player chooses to raise and how many times they choose to re-raise should directly correlate with the strength of the hand. In essence, a Royal Flush is impossible to beat, so re-raising actions are justified.

Going All-In

Going all-in is the process by which a player places his or her entire bankroll on the line in hopes of winning the pot. This happens in two situations. One of these is when the player holds an unbeatable hand, such as a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush, given the other players cannot possibly beat it. The second is when the player's bankroll has been nearly depleted and they are left with no choice. Going all-in can be a great strategy when used correctly.

Lowering risks in poker tournaments can definitely prove difficult, especially when a player holds an outstanding hand. In certain situations, however, aggressive gameplay is both recommended and necessary in order to come out on top and win the tournament.