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Blackjack Double Down

The number one reason why players use blackjack strategies in any venue is to increase their chances of winning. While some strategies really can help turn the odds into the player's favor, others simply cannot work in an online setting. The double down strategy is one that can be employed in either setting and can be very useful when used properly.

The Rules Doubling Down

Many online casinos allow players to use the double down strategy, but the rules for doing so will vary from venue to venue. While some casinos will only allow players to double down if they have a two-card hand of more than 10, other casinos allow players to double down with any two-card combination. While some casinos allow players to double down after a split, other casinos strictly forbid the practice. Players should read and review the rules of play in any online casino before playing.

When to Double Down

The double down strategy is one that works best when the player is holding a fantastic hand. This option should not be used on poor hands as it is not likely to improve the situation. In order to use the double down strategy, players must also double their bets; this can be devastating if it is used with the wrong hand. Deciding how and when to double down requires the player to evaluate the mathematical probabilities of getting the cards they need to win. When the dealer has a low up-card, typically two through six, the player absolutely has a better chance of winning.

There are many advantages to learning how to double down in a game of blackjack. While it may be risky in certain situations, using the double down strategy can be a great way to walk away a winner.