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About Citadel Commerce

Finding the best e-payment company may seem impossible. There are dozens of different companies advertising their payment processing services online; all claiming to be the most reliable and most secure. The difference with Citadel Commerce Corp. is that they have the experience to support their claims.

Proven Success

Established in 1999, Citadel Commerce transfers more than $1-billion each year and has always strived to provide their customers with the highest level of service. As the most successful member of the profitable ESI Group, Citadel uses an electronic check processing system known as Citadel Direct Canada to safely and securely process payments. An integrated fraud detection system protects Citadel customers from the risks associated with online fund transfers.

Versatile Solutions

To meet the demands of both consumers and businesses, Citadel Commerce is continuously improving their services. The latest enhancements include two new payment options that offer even more convenience and reliabilit. Citadel Direct International is an electronic funds transfer system that offers bank-to-bank transactions in real time. myCitadel Wallet, on the other hand, is an e-wallet system that works like other online payment processers such as PayPal. Users must first set up a myCitadel Wallet account. A credit card or bank account can then be used to transfer funds into the e-wallet. Customers can make purchases with their myCitadel Wallet in several currencies at any online merchant who accepts Citadel Commerce payments.

Global Availability

Individuals are using Citadel to make secure payments in Germany, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, and several other countries. Citadel Commerce does not, however, serve customers in the United States. A number of online casinos and gambling websites accept myCitadel Wallet payments from players in any location except the US. Choosing Citadel to process your bank transfers and online transactions also includes 24/7 phone assistance and quick email correspondence.

With the security and flexibility that today's online consumers demand, Citadel Commerce is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and convenient way to transfer funds. Citadel provides a smart solution to online shoppers by providing a safe, secure way to make payments.